Helping With Your Business Effeciency

Efficiency is achieved by avoiding waste of time, skill, effort and materials in achieving something or producing something.

So to be efficient is the ability to do things well, successfully, and without waste.

This requires more than skill, more than effort, more than your time, more than the correct tools and materials.

This requires collaboration and transparent communication.

In business this is achieved when the business operational records are an open book, allowing the entire workforce use and access, as a reference for all fulfilment history.

The past, every effort was made to just get the main task done, with little focus or attention being given to recording or documenting process and activities.

To us Efficiency signifies a level of performance and productivity that uses the lowest amount of inputs and energy to create the greatest amount of outputs/results.

We bring admin and process together

With the overall business efficiency in mind, we help businesses cut costs, optimize and accelerate pace of delivery, streamline operations and aide with regulatory compliance.

We specialize in leveraging technology (both existing and new) to benefit and protect business from both internal and external elements.

The improvement in overall business productivity and individual attitudes liberates and protects company information while improving efficiencies in all front office environments.

Our philosophy is simple; we only get involved where we can definitely help the business to be more productive, more efficient and more profitable.

We treat our partner’s business interests with a higher priority than our own.

Cloud Solutions & Integration

As the world moves to cloud solutions, it is logical that we do so as well. We have found that some technologies work best when using cloud based servers, such as remote signatures on tablets and cell phones. We have also found that other technologies don’t work as well on the cloud, and require local deployments, such as bulk scanning with bar code recognition.

With all of this in mind we deploy solutions that deliver the most benefit to our clients. Some use local servers on their own domain, others use cloud servers and some use a mix of both, with automatic data syns of required information between them.

Compliance Verification Solutions

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Helping With Your Business Efficiency

We bring admin and process together

Cloud Solutions and Integration

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Is your business aware of the costs involved in creating and maintaining compliant business records?

Printing costs continue to increase, prime office space is filled with filing cabinets.

Filing and maintaining archives just never catches up.

The delay is access to company information impacts on day to day business activities.

Client queries require a call back, only once file is found ... and stock takes become disruptive and takes forever?

Also uncontrolled costs that need to be re-allocated, but there is no time to address, such as traffic fines & e-toll accounts. These just compound things further.

We have 20 years of experience in helping business benefit from areas previously only seen as an overhead.

Our clients including BMW & Merc benefit from increased profit, better client service, improved efficiency and risk management.

HOW - You may ask?

We make use of technology and existing systems to bring admin and process together as automated complementary components.

The result ensures financial due diligence for operational management,business owners and group internal auditors in ways previously only dreamt about.

Administration becomes part of the delivery and not an afterthought.

Automated Company Records.

Your business intelligence platform.

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