Booking Clerk

A full record of the intended work is maintained, and available online. Added functionality, such as self-help booking in is possible

Service Technician

All documentation, with records of parts drawn and work done are maintained.

Any outsourced/sub-let work efforts are easily included.
Any warranty parts that need to be returned are managed
Before the job is invoiced, all the required supporting evidence is loaded

Accounting & Admin

Accounting and admin (including audits) is made easy when things are done correctly upfront/first time arround.

Paper files are a thing of the past (subject to lost or missing data).

As the files are built real-time, the content is managed and quantified by use by others.

Prevent inaccurate invoicing and accounting by having the full picture available prior to invoice.

Our Service Records Solution

Delivers far more than paper files ever could

Quick Online Secure access

On a Need-know-basis

Limited disclosure

Workshop Department based

No more lost job cards

No more documents “lost”

Generic package includes standard electronic filing, with controlled access to various levels of information:

Integration to the Dealer Management System or core application on which business is transacted.

Unique Record of every job opened

Unique job & Wip number

No re-capturing of information on DMS

Load documents as they arrive

Direct from digital (PDF Import) or from desktop or scan station

Define and manage mandatory documents

Integration to other electronic devices

Modern Diagnostic equipment

Network Based

Keeps local record of all actions / eventss

Detail can be imported automatically

assigned to relevant job

Group Audits can be done remotely

Record of all activity is available for auditors

Ensure compliance to standards

Identify problems quicklyy

Escalate and remedy in time

Keeps a history of files checked


Outstanding documentation

Maintains audit trail of documents accessed

Solution Features

  • Booking Clerk

  • Service Technician

  • Accounting & Admin