Different User Roles

There is no need to set up complex folder permissions for users and groups, as this is handled by the CVS Web-Imaging system.


Corporate governance and regulation requirements impact every level of management. Every division of an organisation must have appropriate measures in place to ensure compliance with all relevant obligations.

Whether it’s King III, the Public Finance Management Act, the Companies Act or the Labour Relations Act, CVS is able to help you and your business by ensuring that each obligation that applies to you and your organisation, is addressed as part of normal daily business.

Flagging & Escalations

Know that your business is not at risk due to lost or damaged documents.

Where there are missing documents or record of process, the system will fall the non-compliance. If this is not addressed within the given time frames, the issue is escalated to the next level of management.

The system allows for real-time audits.

Allows business to ensure that standards are applied.

Our Solution

Automated Archive of All Business Admin

Builds A Source Of Business Intelligence

Organized and presented in a logical business structure.

Consolidated single view, by user according to individual rights.

Customer, service history, completeness of process.

Corporate governance, Uniform standards and system

Immediate flag and escalation of any deviation from set process.

This is the ideal, and pipe dream for most businesses. We help make this a reality, reduce paper usage & filing requirements while liberating the business to be more effective.

The business defines and sets the ideal desired operational standards, and this is then applied - consistently.

We have off-the-shelf configurations that address almost all business requirements.

If you have more than one area of need, additional lines-of-business can be added.

You can start with one area of the business and grow the solution into others, as a controlled implementation.

Cloud based digital filing is far more than just an archive.

This will provide additional business intelligence that was previously hidden in the files.


Web Based

Deployment of CVS “Compliance Management” document solution is URL based which requires no desktop rollout and minimal user pc spec.

CVS “Compliance Management” document solution handles user logon security authentication.

CVS “Compliance Management” document solution manages and secures documents in any format.

Secure Files are then available to the business network.

CVS “Compliance Management” document solution provides for the capture (scanning) of documents and importing of data from email, fax, legacy systems and FTP.

There is no need to set up complex folder permissions for users and groups, as this is handled by the CVS “Compliance Management” document solution.

Not expensive or complex to run; the CVS “Compliance Management” document solution is pre-configured. Deployment is normally within a week.

CVS “Compliance Management” document solution is a scalable enterprise solution that accommodates customization and enhancement through integration to all existing technologies, as well as catering for the developing and registering of new modules and connectors within the system.

Scan / Capture

For clients requiring central scanning, all TWAIN compliant scanners are supported. Network scanners work well for dispersed business solutions.

Solution Features

  • Different User Roles

  • Governance

  • Flagging & Escalations