Traveller Visa / work Permit

Is able to apply online, By completing the application form, all their information is gathered.

This can be maintained by the applicant later via a user logon with password.

Once the personal information is loaded the system will ask for supporting documents, such as copy of ID, passport, etc.

The documents that are required for the individual traveller are managed and collected by the system

Travel Consultant

The travel consultant assigned to the case is able to add value and also validate the service request.

Each document submitted need to be verified as being correct and valid.

When the application is completed initial validation, the consultant can call for an in-person meeting. Once the file content is complete, the application can be submitted.

Consultancy Business

The Consultancy service or business must provide a full redundancy,in that if any one travel consultant is ill or absent for any reason, the job goes on.

The consultancy management / supervisors can re-assign work as well as quality check the work being done

Our Solution

Functionality of the Visa & Immigration Solution

This solution helps simplify and clarify what was previously a difficult and complex process.

The many legal obligations that need to be adhered to in each varying instances is addressed, preventing unplanned delays in the processing and submission of applications.

Incorrect submissions could result in refusals or unplanned delays.

It is imperative that the best service providers in the market be selected to ensure that all applications always comply with the immigration act (which is constantly changing).

This solution helps those service providers apply consistency, clarity, collaboration and transparency to the process.

The solution equips selective representatives, as well as corporate users.

All processing of related Immigration / Work Permit matters is attended to according to acceptable methods and standards of the current legislation.

The intended business users are consultants who are Registered Immigration Practitioners and typically have years of experience in dealing with Their local Department of Home Affairs and all other related issuing authorities involved in the immigration process.

This solution is intended to better equip these businesses, so that they can in turn better service large corporate companies who require flexibility to address individual corporate structures and deadlines.

The initial system addresses the document requirements relating to various types of VISA’s, including:

General Work visa

Exceptional Skills Work Visa

Quota Work Visa

Corporate Work Visa

Business Visit Visa - Section 11(2) and extension applications

Study Visa

Relative's Visa

Self-Employment Visa

Holiday Visa

Extension of Visitors Visas with a Condition or Restriction

Relatives Visas

Permanent Residence

Own Business Visa

Upon receiving an instruction to assist with an International Assignment, whether the employee will be assigned from Mexico to South Africa or Nigeria to Namibia, the system will assist to provide a complete outline of the required service which outline costs, timeframes and related documentation needed.

This application assists with a top-level service, coupled and built on a wealth of knowledge, ensuring that a specialized service is provided to clients using the system, hassle free and easy to understand.

The system ensures that each and every application will be granted on its own merits, and thus it is vital to present each application with all the correct documentation required.

Solution Features

  • Traveller

  • Travel Consultant

  • Consultancy Business